Garden Design and Landscape Design
Garden Design and Landscape Design
Garden Design and Landscape Design

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Landscape Design

The primary service I provide is the concept design –creation of a cohesive vision for the outdoor space of a property. After discussing the needs and style preferences of the client and assessing the site, a landscape plan is developed which may include sketches, elevations drawings, and images of materials to help illustrate the concept. 3D drawing can be included if desired to more thoroughly illustrate a complicated site. After review of the plans and preliminary pricing, the concept can then be advanced with further detailing of structural elements, additional specification of the hardscape materials and enhancement of the plant list.


A consultation can be a useful tool for the homeowner not yet sure about what they would like to do with their garden or yard. Usually lasting an hour, this time is used to discuss the possibilities and constraints of a site, and help identify the ways in which the client would most effectively use the space, or work to develop a list of suitable plants for a garden bed renovation.


The client can use the Landscape drawing package as a tool to help them to build their garden on their own timeline or with a landscape contractor of their own choosing. If required, I can act as project manager, developing the budget, and bringing in the installer and other trades to complete the project. I will source the materials, furnishings, and plant material, taking special care to hand pick feature trees and shrubs, and taking the time to visit the nurseries and inspecting all plants before they get delivered to the site. For projects that require permitting and City approval, Swordfern will liaise with City staff and prepare the necessary plans required for submission. Whether formally involved in the installation or not, I am always available to discuss issues that may arise as the project progresses.